What’s in a name?

Welcome to Mum. That’s a bad word! and my very first blog entry…..quietly shitting myself over here thinking about pouring my heart out to the interwebby and definitely about to pour a wine to work up the courage to do so! I thought id share how we got the name Mum, That’s a bad word and a bit about the plumo’s…

Hi I’m Christielee, I’m a single mum raising 4 girls in Sydney after losing my baby’s father to suicide in December 2017, my older girls father is not too involved due to work commitments and distance but we love him! I run an online healthy mummy group for mums with over 7300 members who are empowered to love themselves daily here , I try my hardest to stay fit and healthy but am all about keeping the balance.

I have bipolar disorder and take every opportunity to talk openly about mental health and suicide to get rid of the stigma attached and being on my own I am my girls only real role model so I am working my ass off with my hands in many small honey pots to make ends meet to prove to them that life can be so shit but we as women are capable of anything we put our minds to!

…I also say fuck….like A LOT!!

I know I have a foul mouth and I KNOW I drink too much wine so When I decided to finally start my blog I went through the usual long stressful naming process and tried to really capture who I was and what I am about but ‘Single Mum with bipolar disorder who says fuck a lot, drinks too much. empowers women to be whoever the fuck they want and lives in ripped jeans’ was already taken…..

I threw some ideas around with mates over drinks and honestly they were just awful, Green plums being one of those ideas….WTF were we thinking?! We couldn’t come up with anything that said who I was and warned people that the blog probably is not going to be well received if swearing offends you or you want me to sugar coat parenting because that’s not me. With no name still after a few weeks I was talking with a friend Nik on the phone whinging about not being able to just figure out a fucking name? To which my toddler Amarlie-Briallen came running out of the room up the other end of the house and yelled Mum, that’s a bad word!!!!

“Mum, that’s a bad word!’ quickly become her favourite saying, I try not to swear in front of the kids but they have bat’s ears when it comes to hearing bad words they can detect swear words and can hear me mutter ‘shit’ under my breath through solid brick walls, music blaring and a thunderstorm strangely they can’t hear me ask them to put their socks in the basket right next to where they just threw them on the floor though? It became so bad I couldn’t say ‘sheesh’ or ‘fudge’ without being verbally reprimanded by a sassy threenager throwing her head to the side, hands on hips telling me what words I can and can not say and of course when the older three darling little monsters seen how much this frustrated me and they wanted in!

And so it began, the constant reminder that I suck balls as a mother sometimes……especially in the car (my bad!!)  but after hearing the choir sing ‘mum, that’s a bad word’ one too many times I decided to turn the tables in true ‘mother of the year fashion, every single time one of my darling little daughters yell out MUM! I just started yelling back ‘that’s a bad word!!!

I am positive that they will start plotting and conspiring against me to figure out a way around this situation really quickly because they’re smart little f’kers and band together when the chips are down but right now I am just gonna drink my victory wine and revel in the fact that I won this round…..

Oh and the original point of the post, so that’s how the name was born.


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