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Breast is not always best.

Looking back on this photo brought back so many memories of those first few months as a mother, the fear, the love and the excruciating pain I went through every single feed. I was told breastfeeding was going to be the most natural thing…

I was just 7 years old when he took my power Away.

Trigger warning sexual abuse mentioned* The first time a man took my power away I was just 7 years old, he was someone I loved and trusted and looked up to. But he is just a boy. He has his whole life ahead of…

Mum, where is the baby?

I have had baby brain for 15 years and can’t see an end to it any time soon!

We cancelled Easter this year and we’re not sorry at all!

Every single year on Christmas and Easter we do the same thing, we do exactly what is expected from us.
This year we are doing things differently!

My daughter lost her daddy to suicide, she doesn’t understand yet.

She lost her daddy to suicide a year ago now and it hasn’t gotten easier and it isn’t getting better. She doesn’t understand yet. She has been having a lot of moments lately, she has been crying over the smallest of things, slamming doors…