An open letter to my soul mate, happy heavenly birthday Adam Fabulous…

Trigger warning, suicide mentioned*

I met you at 18, you were dating my roommate and I asked you why you were dating a girl?!

You responded that you liked her and I laughed and told you I was pretty sure you didn’t like ANY girls.

You were FABULOUS!

A week later you called me and told me you thought you may be gay….

From that day forward we never left each other’s sides or hearts….or homes! You’d walk in unannounced at whatever time day or night and give me one of your bones crushing hugs, crawl

Into bed and we’d talk for hours until we passed out..

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School holidays are over and the anxiety is high!

I have had such a headache all day and literally just threw up so violently it hurt.

I want to blame the many, many choc chip cookies I consumed but to act like I don’t binge cookies on a regular basis and that could really be the cause would just be outrageous.

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It’s my vagina and I can scratch if I want to!

I had a conversation today and whilst I was standing there chatting away about a fence my mate quite indiscreetly adjusted himself a few times to get his balls to sit nicely in order to be comfortable…

We kept chatting and once again he adjusted himself throwing in an extra leg lift this time to ensure those bad boys were sitting pretty…My impulse reaction was to stare that mofo dead in the balls and lift my gaze slowly to meet his eyes so he knew I had had enough and said ‘slow down with the nutsack attack cobber and leave your cockadoodle donger alone for 10 minutes old mate!

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Gaslighting – my best friends Abusive partner uses suicide as a control tactic.

Trigger warning – abuse mentioned*

‘Remember me when I’m gone’

This is the message she got when she went out with her best friend with a photo of him holding a knife to his wrist.

Threatening suicide became his favourite control tactic and it worked.

He searched over 11 local clubs and bars that night to find her, searching for her knowing she was with her best friend but he didn’t care instead he blew up her phone with calls and messages threatening suicide and threatening to fuck up anyone she was with.

She was completely faithful to him even through the constant abuse but that didn’t stop him from accusing her of cheating every day when she walked in the door.

Cheating on him with her boss, her customers, her friends husband, people who looked at her or who she was polite to, cheating on him with her own fucking cousin!

He expected to be able to check her phone every day the minute she walked in her front door.

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A letter to my daddy, the brightest star in the sky. I love you too much.

One year ago daddy, mummy got a phone call that she says changed our lives forever. I don’t remember it, it was late at night and I was sleeping but I stirred when I heard mummy crying as she pat my back until I fell back to sleep.

The next morning mummy was still crying and she told me that my daddy was a star now and that I wouldn’t see him for Christmas unless I looked to the sky, she told me through her tears and her quaking voice that I would never see you again because you had to go away.

She said you were very sick for too long and couldn’t fight any longer. She said she was really scared to do all of this on her own but she would make you so proud with how she raised us kids.

I was so sad but didn’t really understand what was happening, I cried because I wanted you to come and see me every day like you used to, I cried to mummy a lot and mummy wiped my tears away with her shaky hands and promised me that everything would be ok, sometimes I didn’t believe her but her cuddles and kisses made me feel better.

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