Enough with the Mum shaming!

You are way too young for a baby.

You are too old for another kid.

Maybe think about abortion you really can’t afford another kid.

Abortion is murder in my eyes.

Stay active during this pregnancy you don’t want to get too fat it’s harder to lose at your age!

You are eating for two now you need to really eat more.You shouldn’t eat that though, that will kill your baby…

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No married men allowed!

I recently had an ‘old friend’ add me on fb, he was someone I used to know and spent quite a few of my teen years with drinking, partying and getting all kinds of high with.

I was a mess of a teen and had a major drug and alcohol addiction and with that comes stupid decisions like fucking guys that I found repulsive when sober and let them treat me pretty shockingly, one night this particular douche canoe even stole my car and brought it back in the morning just ruined with SLUT scratched into the bonnet because I told him I wouldn’t date him (I know right) but the friend who added recently me was never really a cunt, just a sheep..

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To the worlds best teacher, thank you.

Miss 12 Aiva-Leilani’s beautiful teacher Mrs Bickhoff has retired in preparation for bub no 2 and she brought each child a book and left a message on their bookmarks.

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The 5 worst things you can say to a single mum!

I’ve been single for a few years now and for some reason that I don’t quite grasp other people have a much harder time accepting this than I ever have, it’s as if they believe they can catch single. I purposely cough on them in hopes that they believe they’ve caught the divorce plague! The first few months everyone was fully supportive, I was reminded to ‘take time to figure yourself out first’ which is exactly what I needed to do……and I did and it was fucking glorious! Well meaning family and friends started telling me that I was still young and could still find someone if I just got out there. Read More

Why I didn’t talk about my abuse until now.

Trigger warning – rape mentioned*

This is the hardest blog I ever have or will ever need to write but I can no longer remain silent.

The first time I was sexually abused was by a family member and someone I loved and admired, I was between 5-7 years old.

I don’t remember the exact age I was.

I do not remember what clothes I was wearing.

I do not remember what day, month or even year it was.

I do not remember how many times it happened.

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