Essential oils for migraines.

When I fell pregnant at 20 with Tigah Rose I had a horrible pregnancy, I was sick, run down, constantly exhausted and couldn’t keep a thing down which resulted in shingles.

Shingles is an extremely painful viral disease that causes severe nerve pain and attacks the immune system, since then I get them on my face and spine up to 4 times a year, every time I get them I get migraines for weeks and not much can help it besides meds.

I had never thought to use natural therapies or essential oils and can honestly say I probably wouldn’t have if the absolutely gorgeous Amy hadn’t reached out to me and offered to send me an introductory kit to doTERRA oils. After a quick chat Amy asked what I really would like to work on and when I mentioned I had shingles and migraines she knew exactly what could help and sent me a blend called Past tense along with lavender, lemon and peppermint oils.

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Confessions of a secret mean girl!

I won’t win any friends here but I need to get this off my chest, I used to be THAT woman, you know the one that was jealous of other women’s success, I was A mean girl!


Ewwww it feels like I’m spitting poison just saying that out loud and leaves a filthy taste in my mouth!

Don’t get me wrong, I was no Regina George out to destroy everyone all with a passive aggressive smile plastered across my face and when other women achieved greatness I was genuinely happy for them cheering them on from the side lines, Pom Poms at the ready but I still felt that pang of jealousy take aim and throat punch me making near impossible for me to breathe.

I couldn’t help think to myself ‘I want that’, ‘why didn’t I think of that’ or ‘how can she be better than me everything?’

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Pizza, wine and no sex for you!

Conversations with my girlfriends are what keep me sane some days being able to call them (or much more likely they call me because if you know me you know I’m hopeless!) and have a chat about work, kids, dating, men or whatever is that we need to have a gossip fest about helps connect us and keep the friendship strong. Something pretty special that my friends and I have is the ability to be as blunt as a kindergarten kids colouring pencil with each other and no offence is ever taken! (Well not that they’ve ever admitted to me…..)

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Parenting Alone

I ummed and Ahhhed about posting this photo because it was such an emotional, exhausting moment between us that I truly wasn’t sure if I should share it but decided it needs to be spoken about.

Last year on December 18th I received a phone call that would change our lives, my baby’s father had died by suicide and nothing has been the same since. Amarlie Briallen and Her daddy Jay we’re not only daddy and his little girl, they were best mates.

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Why I don’t want to be a dance mum.

Girl with pony tail smiling in front of tree in dance clothes

Adding Dance Mum to my extensive, ever expanding list of job descriptions is NOT happening and at the risk of being vilified I am gonna say it right here right now, I am not sorry for that at all!

Before you feel the need to defend all dance parents everywhere let me make something VERY, VERY clear, this is not aimed at dance parents who are genuinely there to foster their child’s ability and to support and encourage them because I respect you more than you’ll ever know!!

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